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Matching your Color Palette to your Invites

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

A lot of our clients want a completely custom design for their wedding or event, which includes a custom invitation + paper goods suite. We adore working with local artists and professionals on invitations for that special look and feel.

When you’re working with an artist or calligrapher on your invitations, sending over the color palette makes the process much easier.  But as time and sometimes finances dwindle, looking at pre-made invitations that can be tweaked to fit you + your wedding is another option we love to recommend. 

When it comes to matching your color palette to a pre-made invitation, we’ve found that most companies limit the color palette of each design to a few options, but Basic Invite will match YOUR color palette!  For the design inspired client, this is a huge win!  You can also preview your color selection + the design instantly.  They also allow their customers to order a custom sample, before placing their final order.  Again, when your’e spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on paper goods – this is huge.  And don’t worry, Basic Invite has 40+ envelope colors to match that perfect invite design! 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the address collection aspect of getting all of those pretty paper goods out the door, Basic Invite also has a free address collection service – praises! They follow it up by a free envelope printing service. 


You’ll need to allot $2-5 per envelope for hand addressing.

You’ll need to order at least 20% extra envelopes to account for mistakes.

You’ll need to secure your calligrapher months in advance. (Most calligraphers only take on 2-3 clients a month, so they often book up months in advance)

You’ll need to get your invitations to the calligrapher 2-3 weeks before you want to send them out (which should be 6-8 weeks before the wedding).  So, you’ll need your invitations in hand 8-11 weeks before the wedding date.

As you dive into paper goods for your event, I hope that this information helps you feel confident in timing and the options available.  Your event will be stunning, no doubt!

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