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If my venue provides a coordinator, do I really need to hire a wedding coordinator?

"If my venue already provides a coordinator, do I really need to hire a wedding coordinator?"


This is a great question! By the sounds of it, you would assume that a venue coordinator is the same thing as a wedding coordinator, right? You might be surprised to learn that in fact they play two very different (yet essential) roles.

A wedding coordinator is a liaison between the couple and wedding vendors and venue. They are employed by the couple to ensure that all of the details of the wedding are clearly planned and laid out for the vendors and to also set up wedding decor (escort/seating cards, guest book, gift table, etc.). The wedding coordinator also manages the rehearsal along with the wedding day by developing and following a timeline. Their main role at the wedding is to ensure the details are being managed so the couple and their loved ones can relax and enjoy their special day!

Venue coordinators can often have several events to manage throughout the day of the wedding, whereas your hired wedding coordinator only focuses on your event. As an employee of the establishment, the venue coordinator may have additional job duties that will often pull them away from the wedding party as they attend to other areas or clients.

The venue coordinator and wedding coordinator both play essential roles. They work as partners and their collaboration ensures a smooth and successful wedding day.

However, couples often mistake a venue coordinator as their wedding coordinator, which can lead to some gaps in your wedding day execution. For the peace of mind you deserve, it is highly recommended to hire a wedding coordinator to cross your t's and dot your i's.

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